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PCA9505 PCA9506 address bit for effective chip select

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Dave Nadler

We're considering using PCA9505/6 for a new product line that needs a lot of IO. The product has 8 IO cards in slots, each slot would have a PCA9505/6, so the question is how to address the PCA9505/6. Each card is identical, so using the address bits as one would normally doesn't work (no switches or jumpers please). Each card does have a card-select input. So, the question:


Can I use our card-select signal as a PCA9505/6 address bit input? That way, only one of the PCA9505/6 will have an address match to an I2C command (all your examples show fixed ADDR inputs). If so, what is the settling time for the address input prior we can send an I2C command?


Best Regards, Dave