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Adding external source for u-boot

Question asked by anjo john on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by anjo john

Hi all,

i tried to add external source code for u-boot for imx6. created a recipe with u-boot-<custom> name with following parameters appended

inherit externalsrc

SRC_URI = "file://${TOPDIR}/../externalsrc/u-boot"

EXTERNALSRC = "${TOPDIR}/../externalsrc/u-boot"
EXTERNALSRC_BUILD = "${TOPDIR}/../externalsrc/u-boot"


but whenever i do the bitbake u-boot-<custom> i get error for "do_unpack". is any parameters missing ? If i gave



then it builds correctly. But my source is already unpacked.

Also when i do cleansstate, cleanall and clean it only cleans the u-boot binaries in tmp/ directory. the .o and .cmd are not deleted. How to remove these files from external source