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No of 16 bit ADC channels in MK61FX512VMJ15 uController

Question asked by Dhinesh kumar Nachimuthu on Oct 17, 2016

Hai Team NXP(Kinetis Microcontrollers),


In my project i have a requirement to measure around 160 Analog lines with 16 bit resolution. I want to have uControllers (with at least RMII interface and DDR memory controller) with inbuilt ADCs, having higher number of channels count. I would like to limit the number of controllers to 4, to read all my 160 analog channels.


I found that Kinetics family uControllers support 16bit ADC's with ~70+ ADC channels. But in the datsheet it has been mentioned that 16bit resolution is achievable only if ADC is configured in differential operating mode. Please refer the attached screenshot captured on Page 49 of 'K61P256M150SF3' Datasheet.


I couldn't find clearly the list of Differential ADC channels or how to configure available ~70+ Analog channels into differential mode. Kindly assist me on this, since i need this to finish off my architecture as soon as possible.


If MK61FX512VMJ15 can't meet my requirements, i would like to know, if you have any suggestions for meeting my requirements here.


Expecting early response on this:-).


Thanks and Regards,

Dhinesh kumar Nachimuthu.