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Anyone successful with _task_set_exit_handler and _task_set_exception_handler?

Question asked by dave408 on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by dave408

We've got a task (MQX for KSDK 1.2) that stops executing, and we have yet to figure out why.  It only occurs one in a blue moon, so it is hard to solve.  The current solution is to use _task_set_exit_handler and _task_set_exception_handler to trap the MQX task error number, if any.  Hopefully, this will give us more information about what's going wrong.


However, at the moment I'm not able to get _task_set_exit_handler to work.  I've implemented like this in os_tasks.cpp:


TASK_EXIT_FPTR _task_set_exit_handler( _task_id id, TASK_EXIT_FPTR f)
    // get info for the active task when this handler is called
    _task_id active_task_id = _task_get_id();
    _mqx_uint active_task_error = _task_get_error();
    // don't really need this since we already have the error code
    TD_STRUCT_PTR ptd_active = (TD_STRUCT_PTR)_task_get_td( active_task_error);

    // now get info for the ID that was passed in -- I suppose this is for the failed task...
    TD_STRUCT_PTR ptd_passed = (TD_STRUCT_PTR)_task_get_td( id);
    _mqx_uint passed_task_error = ptd_passed->TASK_ERROR_CODE;
    return NULL;


Here I'm basically checking the active task at the time the exiting task exits to see if they are the same.  I then get the error code from each one, also for the purpose of comparison.


The problem I have is that when this code is executed with a breakpoint set (or if a breakpoint is added after execution), the debugger crashes:



This behavior is consistent with the known behavior where GDB crashes if a breakpoint is set in code that never gets called by the application.  This implies that I'm not setting something up properly, but I do have the preprocessor setting "MQX_EXIT_ENABLED=1" in my project settings.


Has anyone else tried to use these functions and have gotten them to work?