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USB hang on error code -71

Question asked by Kevin Cheng on Oct 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by CarlosCasillas
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Hi community,


I have a strange question about i.MX6Q Android BSP (jb4.3_1.1.1).

We play Analog TV from usb dongle. Normally, just play video and audio, system is stable. But when we enable close caption, dmesg will show error code -32 each 1~2 mins , like the follow message,

[  494.953855] &0_-32&1_-32&2_-32&3_-32&4_-32cx231xx_vbi_clear_halt
[  494.987801] cx231xx_vbi_clear_halt all stop
[  494.999201] usb_clear_halt
[  540.821002] &3_-32&4_-32&0_-32&1_-32&2_-32cx231xx_vbi_clear_halt
[  540.843602] cx231xx_vbi_clear_halt all stop
[  540.853163] usb_clear_halt


about 30 mins, video, audio and close caption are stop. dmesg display huge error code -71 .

[  261.280238] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.289237] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.297863] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.306988] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.315988] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.325112] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.334238] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.343363] cx231xxurb completition error -71.
[  261.352363] cx231xxurb completition error -71.


We porting our BSP to EVB-sabresd. Same test behavior, and it will happen error code -32 each 1 hours, error code happen time become longer. And 10 hours happen error code -71, it seems have something different.

We check usb bandwidth by dd with usb storage,

in EVB, USB host bandwidth 21MB/s

             USB OTG Bandwidth 24MB/s


in our board, USB host bandwidth 19MB/s

             USB OTG Bandwidth 25MB/s


We test on USB host and USB OTG, there have the same result, it seems not the problem on bandwidth.


Otherwise, we observed some time happen error, there have some message like FB VSync error. So we try to remove to When we do the same test, we found error code -32 happen on each 5mins and error code -71 happen on over 1.5 hours. It is so strange, why hwcomposer will effect the USB behavior. Have any ideal?  Thanks!!