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How to re-enable full tag usage after a NFC brute force attack on password via i2c ?

Question asked by Eric PENNAMEN on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hello, i'm currently working with NT3H2111 tag. I our use case, tags will be exposed to brute fore attack,  so i have set PWD,PACK and AUTHLIM value. When AUTHLIM number of invalid password is reached, even a valid password cannot unlock the device.


But, in my case i want (via i2c) to re-enable (after one hours) that a valid password unlock the device.

I have try to re-set  PWD,PACK and AUTHLIM to others value and then set again to valid value but it didn't work.

The only methods working i have foudn to reset NEG_AUTH_REACHED seem to be setting AUTHLIM=0 and sending valid password via NFC.

I can't use this solutions in final product.

Can you tell me is there's another way to reset internal counter or NEG_AUTH_REACHED bit via I2C access only ?

Thanks for your idea