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mpc8260 interrupt and 8E1

Question asked by zhao dewen on Jun 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2008 by zhao dewen
      I used DS2155 with MPC8260. My board received data from four E1 interface, the E1 frame was transferred to TDM data by DS2155, the MPC8260 dealed with the TDM data. We used the 1st, 32nd, 64th, and 96th channel of MCC in transparent mode. this is superchannel mode.
The problems ocuured when four E1 works at the same time.
     1). the system had interrupts, but the related MCCE was zero. I saw the CPM113 said that this would ocuur in SCC, SMC I2C and SPI, but not with MCC. I would like to know why. You could refer to my code about interrupt in SR 1-444722352.
     2).The system would die in case of heavy load. However, the system was all right with only one E1 working
Is anybody here success in MPC8260 with 8 E1 or 4E1 works at the same time? give some advices,Thanks you Very much.