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Vybrid GPIO setting speed

Question asked by MARIO TURQUETI on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

I'm using vybrid MVF61NS151CMK50 with MQX 4.2

Setting a GPIO direct in the vybrid registers:

   uint32_t *GPIO4PSOR =(uint32_t*)0x400FF104;   //Port Set   Output Reg (GPIO4_PSOR)

   uint32_t *GPIO4PCOR =(uint32_t*)0x400FF108;   //Port Clear Output Reg (GPIO4_PCOR)

     *GPIO4PCOR = 0x00000005;

     *GPIO4PSOR = 0x00000005;

I check the pin level and takes something like 100ns to goes down and up again…

I set the pin config to 200MHz:

   temp1 = 0x000038B2;      //original:0x00000062

   *IOMUXCPTE23 =temp1; //Soft MUX Pad Control Reg 128 (IOMUXC_PTE23)

   *IOMUXCPTE24 =temp1;

   *IOMUXCPTE25 =temp1;

Why it takes so long? Is it 100ns the maximum GPIOs speed (1->0->1)? @Can I change pin voltage levels faster?


Bruno Castelucci
Bruno Castelucci

Robson Tenedini