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Dongle FLEXId in Virtual Machine

Discussion created by Giovanni Merisio on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by stanish

Dear Sirs,

I have installed CodeWarrior Development Studio for DSC56800/E version 8.1.1a, build 7168, with IDE Version: and Plugins: 99 on my laptop  with windows XP. The license is an USB Dongle FLEXid.
Now, I have changed the laptop and it have installed Win7 64bit (windows XP is not supported by Microsoft any more), unfortunately my CodeWarrior Development Studio release doesn't work in Win7.
To solve the problem I think to install the Windows XP Mode in the virtual machine created with VMware Workstation 11.
Unfortunately the USB dongle driver doesn't work (it is not possible to install, the installer FLEXId_D.exe works fine but the lmtools.exe doesn't see the dongle).
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance and best regards