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Question of S32DS by KEA

Question asked by Luke Chun Employee on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by stanish

Hello Team


I have a question of AN5213SW for KEA that AN5213SW is implemented by S32DS.
I’m trying to migrate from S32DS to CW 10.X because of customer requirement.

At this time, I cannot fix one issue.
I copied the C, H and S files from S32DS project of AN5213SW to the making new project by CW.
As you can see the below picture, it is making the error by “__START”.



However I don’t know how to use "__START" into S32DS.


My question is

1. Could you let me know how to use “__START” into S32DS?
2. How to fix this problem?

3. If you have any guide about the migration from S32DS to CW, please provide it..


Thank you.