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Do any of the publically available recipes for the TWR LS1021a board support USB devices?

Question asked by Thomas Thorne on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by Viktor Khachtchanski

I have a TWR-LS1021a board that I have tried to boot an updated Kernel and filesystem image on.  It does not seem to have a functional set of USB 3 device ports though.  When I plug in a USB storage device or serial adapter neither seems to be recognised at all.  


When I started looking at the kernel setup few USB modules were included as part of the usual kernel or core-image-full-cmdline recipes.  So I started trying to build some in but do not seem to be having a lot of success.  


Do any of the standard recipes for the LS1021atwr board include support for the USB ports on the board and perhaps a handful of basic devices?  I was hoping to use them as a comparison for my efforts to see if I could spot where I was going wrong.  


My first guess would be that i need a better set of kernel modules to support USB.  I will keep working on that for now.  


My other guess is that I am still using an old version of u-boot with a new version of linux kernel and that is causing further issues.  It was already explained to me in another thread (eth0 (eTSEC1) On A LS1021a-TWR Board) that my ethernet interface problems were probably related to this.  If my kernel module twiddling does not work, I will bite the bullet and try to get either; a full boot from an SD-Card including loading an updated u-boot from there or update the U-Boot image in one of the device flash banks.  I have been putting off altering the flash images as it is nice to have them to fall back on but it has to happen some time.