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leading flash page before main app - run & debug

Question asked by Andreas Schnitzer on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by soledad



Platform: LPC15 & LPCexpresso 8.2.2

a bootloader managed application will run from a start address 0x2100 (this works fine).

For transmitting a new image later, a leading page of 256 Bytes (or less) with information’s like Version Number etc. should be added.


To avoid to begin with own linker scripts I did the following:

In main.c:

  • Flash2 data only a test with a string for now
  • CRP-disabled


__attribute__ ((used, section(".rodata.$Flash2"))) static const char version[] = "Version01";

int main(void) {


       SCB->VTOR = 0x2100;    //needed to directly debug this app (mcu setting is start @0x2100)

      __enable_irq();                   //bootloader jump diabled isr

      volatile char* version_ = (volatile char*) version;            //__attribute__ ((used,...above is not working so this.


the generated binary looks like:


Adjusted the debugger cfg:

(tried also with std main)


The debugger failed to run this setup


(Unable to retrieve disassembly data from backend and other errors)


Any suggestions whats wrong or missing?