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How to install mux_server for freescale embedded hypervisor on ubuntu 14.04?

Question asked by K SHAH on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by K SHAH

Hello Team,


I am using QorIQ SDK1.7 to deploy Hypervisor on T1040 RDB board.


I am getting following details from the SDK pdf.

Use the mux_server to connnect to the board to ensure that individual UART streams are
decoded correctly on the host side.
./mux_server "/dev/ttySx"<port number 1> <port number 2> <port number 3> &
socat -,raw,echo=0 tcp:0:<port number 1>
socat -,raw,echo=0 tcp:0:<port number 2>
socat -,raw,echo=0 tcp:0:<port number3>


But when I tried to use mux_server command on ubuntu14.04 I am getting error "mux_server" command not found.


How to install mux_server on Ubuntu14.04.