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SPC563M64 JATG uncensoring through USB Multilink

Question asked by Dmitriy Nechkin on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa
Hi all. I have some trouble to connect SPC563M64 through USB Multilink. My device is in censored mode with configuration 0xAAAA_AAAA and serial password 0x1122334455667788. I try to uncensor device with this password, but have no connect. 


In normal boot mode {[0],[0]} i can read contents of full Shadow block through CAN (by my software), so I'm sure what serial password and configuration word is correct. But i can't uncensor device.


In serial boot mode {[1],[0]} i can access CAN boot mode with password 0xFEEDFACECAFEBEEF and i have JTAG/NEXUS access without censoring with flash access diasabled (as it should be). So power, JTAG connections etc done right.  


Power is stable, reset pulled up through 4K7 resistor. I tryed to connect MPC5674 with same censor configuration and JTAG uncensor pass with no troubles.


Any guess?