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S32DS, MPC5775K merge .elf files?

Question asked by Joe Shidle on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by liu yang

In S32DS for the MPC5775K, three separate projects are created, one for each core (foo_Z4_1, foo_Z7_2, foo_Z7_3). When the workspace is built, three separate .elf files are generated, one for each project (foo_Z4_1.elf, foo_Z7_2.elf, foo_Z7_3.elf). This is all fine, and I can download and debug on our test board. 


We also have the P&E Micro PROGPPCNEXUS utility which will erase and program .elf files to the MPC5775K.  However, it will only accept a single .elf file.


I was wondering if there were built-in tools within S32DS to automatically merge the three project .elf files into a single .elf for use with the PROGPPCNEXUS tool, or if that was something we'd have to do on our own.  E.g. "foo.elf" from the three "foo_XY_Z.elf" files.  I didn't see anything immediately obvious in the documentation nor help for S32DS.


Thanks in advance,

Joe Shidle