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MQX products not displaying correctly in SNMP monitoring systems

Question asked by Jesper Evertsson on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Jesper Evertsson

Hi, this is a bit of a longshot but we are running out of ideas. In some of our network products we use MQX and the built in SNMP support. Some of our customers have been complaining that those products are not being displayed correctly in their SNMP monotoring systems. They all get listed as ifType 1 (other) which makes the interfaces not dispaly all the data it should. We have done some logging with Wireshark and we can see clearly that 6 (ethernetCsmacd) is sent when we do a configuration poll, but for some reason it's not accepted. For comparrison we did the same thing for some other network products from other manufacturers and they all get displayed correctly. The only real difference we can see between the MQX products and the working products is that they all have two interfaces; one loopback and one ethernet, while MQX only has one. We are not really experts on SNMP so we can't tell if this could be the underlying reason or if we are looking in the wrong place.


The monitoring systems we have tested are NetXMS and Network Node Manager.