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MS08 DZ60 SCI RWU Wake up

Question asked by qiong yu on Oct 12, 2016

Hi, I met a problem when i use the RWU function of the SCI. I set the wake up mode is Address-Mark Wakeup. It says when receiver detects a logic 1 in the most significant bit of a received character can clear the RWU in the datasheet. And it says Address-Mark wakeup allows messages to contain idle characters but requires that the MSB be reserved for use  in address frames.


Now ,i can wake the receiver up by receive a byte with the logic 1 in the MSB. But when the receiver receive a idle character can not wake up the receiver(the bit RWU can not be cleared).


In the datasheet, the idle character can wake up the receiver but need the MSB be reserved. But how can i make sure the MSB is be reserved?