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Hardware Design for Intersil TW6865 Video Decoder to Feed 4 CVBS Inputs to Nitrogen6X via PCIE Interface

Question asked by Peter Amond on Oct 12, 2016

Hi All,


I'm planning to design a hardware design for Intersil TW6865 to feed 4 CVBS inputs to Nitrogen6X development board via its PCIE interface. I need to clarify following details.


  1. I could find the schematic files from this link >> TW6865 miniPCIe Daughter Board << which was designed by Freescale and from where can I buy that board ? As well as this custom board was used by a developer who post this discussion >> iMX6Q Surround view patch <<
  2. Presently I'm using the data sheet which was provided by Intersil (I have attached the pdf) for design purposes. Are there any document to refer for hardware design based on TW6865. 
  3. As you think what are the hardware level and software level configurations which I should follow to get PCIE link up on Nitrigon6X PCIE interface for the newly designed TW6865 prototype board ? (I'm using linux kernel 3.14.52 which has installed TW686X drivers)


Thank You,


pci-expressi.mx6q pcie