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How do I use gdb to control the CWTAP?

Question asked by Jeff Hodges on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

I ordered the CWTAP to send gdb commands to my target system.  I could not find any documentation on using gdb with the CWTAP; however, there is a nice video online showing that this is the intended design.  How do I send commands from my (gdb) shell to the CWTAP?


I've connected my host computer to the CWTAP which I've assigned a static IP of  I can ping the CWTAP, so I have a valid IP connection. The CWTAP manual states that gdb uses port 2345.


From the (gdb) shell I tried the command:

(gdb) target remote


However there was no response and the command timed out.