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Measuring of pressure in a center board (Sailboat)

Question asked by Fredrik Ödmark on Oct 12, 2016
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I am working in a school project right now that involves putting sensors on a sailboat. In this case a Dinghy pico.


One of the tasks is to measure the pressure on sides of the centerboard (A retractable keel in the middle of the boat), to see which sides is more pressured. So I only want to look at the difference between one side and the other.  


I thought that a differential pressure sensor could be good, so I looked at some differential pressure sensors like MP3V5010 and MPXV7025. 


But from what I can understand from the datasheets is that.


1. They are only built for dry air, so that is going to be a problem. The tube/pipe that is meant to measure the pressure is going to be exposed to water (in the water), so there is a high probability that water is going to get to the sensor if the boat tips over (which is common). 


2. Those sensors (MP3V5010 and MPXV7025) can only measure P1>P2. The sensor MPXV7025 has a range of -25 kPA to 25 kPa, but it still says in the datasheet that P1 must be higher than P2.  How can I measure -25 kPa if P1 must be higher than P2?


So my questions is can I "waterproof" the sensors? (put something in the pipe or such) Or is there some sensors that are better suited for this kind of applications, that are not sensitive to water?