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Includes List Corrupted or Broken

Question asked by Jeremiah Gillis on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by stanish

My Includes within my project seems to be broken. It does not match the Paths and Symbol in the project properties. This causes the IDE to not locate files and folders with source and header files.


Here is the Paths and Symbols for Assembly:


Here is the GNU C:


No matter what I remove or add in Paths and Symbols, the Includes in the first picture don't update. I cannot compile because the IDE doesn't see the paths. You can see the Includes List in picture 2 & 3 do not match picture 1. I've tried to clean the project along with trying all of the Index options.


When I create a new project, the Includes update according to the Paths and Symbols list. It would seem that something is corrupted in my project. I am using the S32K144_64 which has a known bug with ProcessorExpert files. It is the "Unexpected status of script" error. The work around is to enable the 100 pin variant, then switch back to the 64 pin variant. Not sure if this issue is related.


How do I fix this? If I have to create a new project, how do I export and import my source, header, PE components, etc? I've not had this trouble with Kinetis Design Studio or CodeWarrior 10.6. I think the work around for now is to put all C and H files in the main Source folder.