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About Keeper circuit Resistance value of i.MX25

Question asked by yuuki on Oct 12, 2016

Dear all,


We want to review the pull-up resistance on our system

We want to know the Keeper circuit Resistance value of i.MX25.
However, we cannot find this explanation in a data sheet of i.MX25.


In the data sheet of i.MX6, it is explained as follows.


               Parameter            / Symbol     / Test Conditions                                  / Min  / Max / Units
Keeper Circuit Resistance / R_Keeper / VI = 0.3 × OVDD, VI = 0.7 × OVDD / 105 / 175 / kΩ


Similarly, would you tell me this value of i.MX25?
(For the Keeper of i.MX25, can we think that it is the same as i.MX6?)


Or would you tell me the maximum of the consumption current to use in Keeper Circuit Resistance?


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