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Using a MOSFET as a switch to connect circuit to ground or high impedance

Question asked by Kristina Meier on Oct 12, 2016

I am looking for a switch with sub-nanosecond switching times (just under a nanosecond) that connects a low-pass RC filter to either ground (for discharging) or high impedance (allowing the filter to have normal operation). Will a MOSFET do this? It's basically a controlled SPST switch to ground.


I am specifically looking at NXP's BF1108 MOSFET:


I would like to simulate it in SPICE, but it seems this datasheet is not as comprehensive as other MOSFET datasheets and there is unfortunately no model. I am using this with a single-photon detector so it is low power and small signal; the drain voltage would be around 800 mV .