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How can i update software of our device on field without open the machine, with the help of Usb boot mode??

Question asked by Monarch BAXI on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Monarch BAXI


we were able to program the controller using USB boot mode and using the utility DFUSEC_V1_11 available on NXP website
We have used the following hardware configuration
P2_7 -->  LOW
P2_9 --> LOW
P1_1 -->  LOW
P2_8 --> HIGH
P1_2 -->HIGH


However once the firmware is downloaded in the controller we were not able to reprogram it using the USB IAP mode.
To reprogram the device we had to again configure pin P2_7 --> LOW, but we cannot pull this pin to GND if we require to reprogram the device on field without opening the instrument .


It is Ok for us to Pull the pin P2_7to GND when the device is programmed for the first time, but we need to avoid this when we need to re-program the device on field


As such can u pl let us know the procedure / set of commands that can be used to re-program the device without configuring pin P2_7 (LOW)