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FDT_ERR on T1040 RDB board

Discussion created by prashanth kumar gopal on Oct 12, 2016


I'm using T1040RDB board, I have configured u-boot for Ram disk deployment from flash, I have used the following the image files from "QorIQ SDK v1.6 PPC64E5500 Image" :


1. uImage--3.12-r0t1040rdb-20140612105956

2. uImage--3.12-r0-t1040rdb-20140612105956.dtb

3. fsl-image-core-t1040rdb-20140613030314.rootfs.ext2.gz


All the files above mentioned are pre-built images, I have downloaded it via Kermit protocol. Unfortunately I'm not able to boo the linux image successfully and I'm receiving the "FDT_ERR_BADOFFSET" error message. I have attached the boot prompt and u-boot parameters output, request you to please help me on this.


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