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region `m_text' overflowed by 2612 bytes

Question asked by VIGNESHKUMAR P on Oct 12, 2016
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I'm using my own board of MKV10Z32VLC7(which having 32-bit, Flash memory- 32KB, RAM - 8KB), when I'm trying to port the code(size about 29KB) from MC56F82726(32-bit, Flash memory- 32KB, RAM - 6KB) to MKV10Z32VLC7, it shows the error like "region `m_text' overflowed by 3136 bytes". But the same code is used for MC56F82726 of same flash memory(32KB) working fine and the code get downloaded. How to get out of this error??  Martin MienkinaPavel RechDavid E SeymourBarry KubanVicente Gomez SalazarKirk HumphriesMandar JoshiThe specified item was not found.Dhaval ShahKinetis Microcontrollers