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Optimising PCF8523T in Direct Switching Mode

Question asked by Phil Solomon on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by Phil Solomon

I am powering the VDD for the PCF8523 at 5Vdc and VBAT at 4.6Vdc. I am looking to use the "direct switching mode" to transition to VBAT when VDD is lost. The datasheet for the PCF8523 quotes:

* IDD = 150nA (typ) and 500nA (max) when configured as PM[2:0] = 111 and clock output disabled.

* IDD = 1200nA (typ) and 3600nA (max) when configured as PM[2:0] = 0000 and clock output enabled.


My application requires IDD = 500nA (max) but neither of the configurations above match my requirements which are "direct switching mode" enabled and "clock output disabled".


Can NXP please provide the equivalent data for the most efficient mode (in terms of maximum IDD) for the options for "direct switching mode" enabled and "clock output disabled".


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