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imx7 epdc nfs can't found network

Question asked by yan2 anfei on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by Karol Mlynczak

hi nxp fae,


I got a imx7d sabresd board (RevD) and EBookDC4, boot disk is SDCard, provided by NXP, 

the image version is linux-4.1.15_1.2.0A.

I has a problem when developing epdc application,I want use tftp and nfs. tftp download zImage is success, nfs is failure. failure message : IP-Config: No network devices available.

when set  fdt_file=zImage-imx7d-sdb-epdc.dtb can't enter the OS

fdt_file=zImage-imx7d-sdb.dtb can boot system success. 

Is epdc and network not compatible ?



best regards


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