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SDK1.7 instalation path error

Question asked by santosh kumar on Oct 12, 2016
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I am using P2020 processor, I tried the installation steps mentioned in sdk1.7 document.

prepared the host with required packages, when i tried the below command, the path for build environment was not creating properly. please fnd below log. build directory was not creating

"./poky/fsl-setup-poky -m p2020rdb -j 4 -t 2 -b ../build/p2020rdb"




Run the following commands to start a build:
    bitbake fsl-image-full
    bitbake fsl-image-x11
    bitbake fsl-image-minimal
    bitbake fsl-image-flash
    bitbake fsl-image-virt
    bitbake fsl-image-core
To return to this build environment later please run:


Please suggest if i miss any settings