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How to design an antenna for Ntag213

Question asked by Isaac Rosen on Oct 11, 2016
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I am a Chemistry PhD student working on developing conductive inks and I am interested in printing an antenna that can be used with the NXP Ntag213 chip, and read by my smartphone. I should note that I don`t have any background in electrical engineering or RF, and would appreciate your help even though these are probably trivial questions (I tried reading the manual, but I lack the background to understand the details). 

That being said: What would be the most important parameters for this design? What are the resistance values necessary (say in units of ohm/cm) of the line? I have noticed that the NFC patches sold on Ebay have several loops, is the number of loops important? is the overall length of the conducting material the defining factor? Is there any significance to the width of the line? Is there a way to design an antenna without loops, or without the requirement for a bridg?