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Bitbake fails to compile when fb.h is included

Question asked by Pat Sandt on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Pat Sandt

I've been building for an i.MX6 (quad core) for a custom board. The board uses a Phytec module, but the build is significantly derived from the Sabre board. The build has been working. The code is working. Now it is time to write the code that transfers data from a frame buffer to the IPU to the HDMI interface. Neither ipu.h nor mxcfb.h were found in my build tree. (I found several versions of ipu.h in my build tree, but none that had non-zero length and were appropriate.) I found a copy of mxcfb.h on line and parked it someplace I would find it. I found several ipu.h files in the old fsl-community-bsp-platform directory and moved them into my build tree in the same locations.

When I try to build, I get a compile error in cpumask.h, apparently because it is a c file and I'm including fb.h from a cpp file. Then I get another error is rcupdate.h because I have an "Unknown RCU implementation specified". I tried specifying each of the three options, and the result is more errors down-line. The first of which is that I have an invalid value for HZ. I would gladly define it if I knew what it was supposed to be. I'm beginning to think that nobody else is having these problems, so I'm doing something wrong.

My bb file for the phytec module has the following, which I suspect must be wrong:

export ARCH_DIR = "${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/arch/arm"


I then add these paths to the build. Has anyone gotten a cpp build with fb.h? Any tricks to it?