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Flash memory with range not definied

Question asked by Mauro Mazzacan on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Mauro Mazzacan


im ready to Flash my S12 microcontroller through bdm interface and Hiwave.exe. I have saved flash memory in range 0x0e08000 to 0x0e7bfff, but inside it there is some block not defined.

I succeed to save range with (;A) append option in save command, but in the S19 file created there is some hole addresses, same of not defined block.

I need to change some bit in the range0x0e08000 to 0x0e7bfff of saved S19 file and then write changes.

If i try to flash this "holed" S19 file into microcontroller there is possibilitie some go wrong and i loss original memory?


Thanks a lot for any replies