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Hide NTAG216 information

Question asked by Lucas Moretto on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Lucas Moretto

I have recently seen many NFC tags that are not detected in smartphones by applications such as TagInfo, NfcTools, etc. Generally, the tags are Mifare Classic type, where I imagine that some sectors have been modified or some password.

Thus, the tag means undetectable for smartphones.


I have two questions about this practice:

1) In the case of these modified tags, to use them in android, is there any way to get an "intent" within the application? I mean take advantage of the resources offered by SDK android.

2) Is there any way to do this with tags type NTAG216?


I'm studing NTAG216 data sheet wanting to find a way of read/write lock.
I like to try the lock using a password (but i think that information of tag will be available for reading from another software).
I'm not sure about the differences betwen static and dynamic lock bytes too. Maybe, one of them is what i need.

In NTAG216 data sheet, section 8.5.3, it's quoted another document: "Ref. 9 “AN11456 NTAG215/216(F)/NTAG I2C Using the dynamic lock bits to lock the tag”. I couldn't find this document on web.
Someone has this document? I don't know if I can find this on NXP docstore (waiting for registration approval)

Thanks for attention