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KL03 UART - Garbage Data for all different baud rates (Custom Hardware)

Question asked by Arvind Reddy Maram on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by Hui_Ma


We've been working on a POC that uses LPUART0 lines on the KL03 device. When we transmit data to a bluetooth module (HC-05), we see data as expected, however when we connect the same Rx/ Tx through a USB-Serial adaptor to a computer we see garbage. We are using the fsl_debug_console component. As normal, we tried checking ground connections and different baud rate settings but that didn't help. Did any of you come across something like this? Can anyone help?

Additional information: I notice that when you select a baud rate with Clock source = "Auto Select", the assigned baud rate is little off the required value. e.g. when we select 19200 baud, the actual configured baud seems to be 19230.769 baud. 

When I select PCLK as the clock source the selected and configured bauds seem to be fine. Either ways the result is still the same, I see garbage on my terminal window.