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How to trigger RXIRQ with MCR20A

Question asked by li xianmao on Oct 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by George-lucian Capraru


I'm developing mcr20a with stm32 MCU.Here comes some questions:

1.With  mStatusAndControlRegs[PHY_CTRL2] &= ~(cPHY_CTRL2_RXMSK)  . No RXIRQ Interrupt will get while the packect sniffer got a lot frames.


2. SEQ_STATE is NOT detailed described in Reference Manual( chapter. 9.2.37 in pdf )


3.How to deal with RX sequence while I want to start a TX seq. Is there a flag to check if RX seq is getting a part of the frame ? 


4.If RX seq is NOT Started , all frames coming will lost ?