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The Video will Beat when Play test.264

Question asked by rothwan huang on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by rothwan huang

hi ,My BSP is Imx6q_L3_14_52,and video is from camera sensor. I use VPU to encode encode 720x480 raw YUV video to test.264.and developing one of my own encoding application I tried to encode this raw video using 'mxc_vpu_test' application. 

For that I used following command:

./mxc_vpu_test.out -D "-i  test.264 -f 2  -u 1  -w 720 -h 480"


But the video of display will beat,The attachment is the test.264 , you can use VLC to play it.What is the problem ? and how  to slove the problem?






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