Ian Jeffray

Level of Linux support for MCF5445x series (and issues with the latest BSP)

Discussion created by Ian Jeffray on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2008 by Ian Jeffray
I'm using an MCF54455EVB for purposes of evaluating the MCF54451 for a product we are designing, however running in to some issues.

Not all the packages in the BSP compile.  I've corrected some errors, but issues persist.   I'm a little suprised that it would appear that BSP does not appear to have been completely built before.  In particular I'm attempting to use the Coldfire CAU with OpenSWAN and getting basic build errors due to incompatibilities between the version of Perl in the BSP and the version of GCC in the BSP.

Where can I get further direct support for such Linux issues?  This is blocking our evaluation of the Coldfire right now.   Freescale's support channel has not been helpful.

Since I have fixed some issues already, how may I go about submitting patches?

Is the only way to receive linux on the Coldfire to use this apparently single golden BSP release?  (Ie is there no repository access or more regularly updated release scheme?)