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i.MAX6 Sabre Lite / PCIE REFCLK / Intersil TW6865

Question asked by Peter Amond on Oct 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Gary Bisson

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Hi All,


I'm having trouble getting the PCIE up on the i.MAX6 Quad Sabre Lite Development board ( ) and interfacing with TW6865 Intersil video chip and I couldn't find the sufficient details on how to connect REFCLK- and REFCLK+ of TW6865 with PCIE port of the i.MAX6Q Sabre Lite as it just have following pin connections. 


  1. Can you guide me to interface TW6865 with PCIE of Sabre Lite ? (Presently I'm working 3.14.52 kernel based system)
  2. When I check the schematic of Sabre lite board I could find there is no pin connection for CLK1_N and CLK1_P (C7 & D7 pins of processor) for PCIe clock. So it seems that we need to generate reference clock externally as it has done in PCIe Daughter board ( ). If I need to build external clock what is the frequency should I generate for PCIE ? (Because I'm not using PCIE daughter board) Can you trll me the frequency of the on board oscillator of PCIE Daughter board ?
  3. If I'm using 3.14.52 kernel what are the configurations should I follow ?


Thank You,