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About  LDO_USB (3.0V Regulator) of i.MX6DPlus .

Question asked by Takashi Takahashi on Oct 6, 2016
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Dear community.

Our customer has question below.


1.About  LDO_USB (3.0V Regulator) of iMX6 Dual Plus
   If both of USB_HI_VBUS of D10 pin and USB_OTG_VBUS of E9 pin, which is input of this Regulator are OPEN,

   It's nothing is voltage output to the VDD_VBUS_CAP ? Is it right ?


2,If the above is correct,
   How will the status of bit # 17,16 of PMU_REG_3P0 ?
   (refer the document of IMX6DQPlus RM of sect 52.7.2 Regulator 3P0 Register (PMU_REG_3P0) of P4548 )
3,In the circuit of our customer.
   D10 of the pin USB_H1_VBUS has become a OPEN unused,
   E9 to the pin of USB_OTG_VBUS will supply the 5v,this 5v can be switch the supply and cut off by the              
   USB_OTG_PWR pin of V5 ball.

   bit # 7 VBUS_SEL of PMU_REG_3P0, the default is zero, if only one or the other of USB_H1_VBUS and USB_OTG_VBUS not supplied, should But be set automatically( I think).

For example, if  cut off the VBUS in USB_OTG_PWR, the case of (as a result both of USB_H1_VBUS and USB_OTG_VBUS is OPEN), or remains in default?

After that, the application is started, when supply the USB_OTG_PWR, bit # 7 VBUS_SEL of PMU_REG_3P0 is  change to 1 in automatic?
4,In the case of the above 3,
When would be change timming the power supply to one of the USB_H1_VBUS and USB_OTG_VBUS, timing to change the bit # 7 VBUS_SEL of PMU_REG_3P0 ?
And   How long does it take from supplying power?