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K65 using external oscillator of 24MHz in MQX/KSDK

Question asked by annamol alex on Oct 5, 2016
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I have a custom board with K65 and a 24MHz oscillator is used in our design instead of 16MHz in eval kit reference design. I tried using MQX as well as KSDK to get the board up and running. The code gets flashed via Jlink, but is stuck in MCG loop (screenshot attached) where it tries to set frequency from external oscillator. I made the following changes in bsp and bsp_cm files, but no change is happening.


 #define CPU_OSCER_CLK_HZ_CONFIG_0    24000000UL /* System OSC external reference clock frequency in clock configuration 0 */

 As a next step, I changed from FEI to FBI and then to FBE, PBE,PEE etc from __pe_initialize_hardware in bsp. But no change. It would be great if some one can point out what I am doing wrong and how to get the system up and running with this external oscillator/internal oscillator. 


I even tried with KSDK, it is getting stuck in hardware_init()