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Please let me know MPC5777C STCU2 Setting

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Peter Vlna

Dear All,

My MPC5777C Version is 3N45H and XOSC frequency is 40MHz,Core Clock is 264MHz.

I tried to MPC5777C STCU2 Setting refer to AN5288. AN5288 is attached this article.


Question 1 : I applied "MPC5777C_off-line_40MHzXOSC_PLL50MHz_3N45H.cmm" through Trace32. (Run batchfile)

Then I can see DCF configuration at 0x400300 address.. It looks fine.

But My application doesn't running well...

As you know, I asserted a Power-up reset for start of Off-line BIST.

But My hardwared has been invoked running reset continuously.

So I tried attach via Trace32, Then I can see STCU Registers.. The half of LBIST and MBIST Test results are success and passed, but remain test results are failed or ongoing status.


So I want to know that I have to more working for the STCU setting or MPC5777C_off-line_40MHzXOSC_PLL50MHz_3N45H.cmm includes some kind of bug.


Overall, Please let me know how can I STCU, especially off-line test with my hardware.


Question 2 : Can I re-write UTEST area which is stored DCF? When I execute "MPC5777C_off-line_40MHzXOSC_PLL50MHz_3N45H.cmm" file again, There are flash related error..

I mean I want to modify STCU registers for optimization of STCU setting. If UTEST area is writable only one time, I have to find a optimized register seting with manual and xls file? I don't belive it...


Best regards.