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PN532 inCommunicateThru

Question asked by Juergen Schuster on Oct 5, 2016

I use the PN532 to read data from a JCOP Card.
With the "inDataExchange" Command, all works fine but this command is very slow (approximately 24 ms per command).
So i changed to the "inCommunicateThru" Command. This command is faster (approximately 10ms per command) but i have some problems.
If i like to read more then 64 Bytes, i receive not all data bytes. I think i must implement chaining, but i dont know how it works. Also in the datasheet there is no information about this command regarding chaining.
Can anybody help me?


I found out that the first databyte (before APDU) from the "inCommunicateThru" Command must be 0x02 or 0x03 (toggle each command). I cannot found any documentation for this byte.
Can anybody help me?


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