andrew Overhage

MATLAB Freedom KL25Z Support Package Install Issue(support request)

Discussion created by andrew Overhage on Oct 4, 2016

When I try to install the support package for this board in matlab with all firewalls and security software disabled I get an error when I install the package(see screen grab below). I contacted matlab support and  they tried some method that didn't require licensing to no avail and said they contacted the "developer" and were working on my issue, but haven't heard back in a week or so... I have tried on multiple machines and on different versions of matlab and windows (10 and 7 including a clean install) to no avail. We even tried to download the package files then trying to install and still no dice. Any ideas? I would like to use matlab R2015b. It sure seams like an issue with the package, but I am open to anything that I can try on my end as well. I will also mention that I had it all working a while ago on this hardware if that is any help.