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Check the Flash Memory ECC Failure

Question asked by Ahmed Soubky on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2020 by Federico Reyes



Need your help regarding the check of flash memory ECC failure correct reporting to validate if detected ECC faults are correctly reported.


According to the safety manual,  implementation hint of assumption SM_119 in Rev. 3 06/2014 of  Safety Manual for MPC5744P, this test can be done by reading from the flash Memory UTest area.


However, in the RM no information is available about such test in the UTest area section.



I checked the MPC5744P_1b+2b_FLASH_ECC_error_injection-v0_1-GHS614 example code which somehow programs data and then reads it back and thereafter the ECC exception is generated.


Is the correct way to test the flash ECC failure handling to read from the UTest area or to use the example code, would you please help me ?