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ovm7692 mipi driver

Question asked by Akash Gajjar on Oct 3, 2016
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I have ovm7692 mipi sensor connected on my custom imx7d-sabre board.

i am writing ovm7692 device driver by taking refernce of ov5640_mipi.c,

and also modified device tree for succesfull probe.


i am using mx6s_capture.ko, mxc_mipi_csi.ko to create  /dev/videoX node.

when i execute the application /unit_tests/mx6s_v4l2_capture.out it gives me below error.


root:~# /unit_tests/mx6s_v4l2_capture.out

Found v4l2 capture device /dev/video0.
pixelformat (output by camera): YUYV
         WxH@fps = 640x480@30    Image size = 614400
The output width or height is exceeding the resolution of the screen.
wxh: 640x480, screen wxh: 480x272


and if i redirect it in file using -of image.yuyv, it simply stuck and not responding.

can you please tell me

1) what is the reason behind this

2) do i have to insmod all ipu* drivers to make this functional