High speed serial input for MCF52235

Discussion created by PsychoDebugger on Jun 24, 2008
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I have to manage the signal as shown in figure.
Tclk=3 Mhz (input clock for micro)
Tsync=1 khz (input for micro, start of transfer)
Tdata (input for micro, data packet)
Msync (don't care)

I have to acquire data from Tdata.
I have to start acquiring each Tsync rising and to stop acquiring each Tsync falling.
Tdata is 32 bit long and it is synchronous with the Tclk clock.

I thought about the QSPI, but it read that it can be only a master and
It can not take any clock signal in input as I need.

Any suggest on how to do it?
Also other peripheral.