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TJA1043 - Minda

Question asked by anand khandelwal on Oct 2, 2016

We are using TJA1043 from NXP in one of our applications.

We are facing one problem in the implementation.

  • If Rx and Tx connections  from microcontroller to  TJA1043 are not connected, we can see the CAN data ( waveforms ) on the CAN bus.

Note that during this time, the Standby , enable and error flag pins are at logic high level.

Waveform can be seen at the Rx pin while Tx pin is at high level.

  • But when we connect the Rx an Tx pins , the  data waveform  on the CAN bus is stopped and the differential voltage level on the CAN bus is 2.5V.

Also, the RX and the TX pins are both at logic high level.


What could be the probable causes for the mentioned issue.

Do Revert back for any concerns / clarifications.