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RAppID Init eTPU config works, eTPU GCT does not

Question asked by Ken Tabacchi on Sep 30, 2016

I used the RAppID Init tool to generate working code for eTPU PWM output channels.


Apparently, that tool does not support the other functions of eTPU, PWM input for example, so I switched to using the eTPU Graphical Configuration Tool.  I have not gotten it working yet, even the eTPU PWM outputs that I had working with RAppID, are no longer working.


Attached are two minimal CW projects and source code to demonstrate my problem.  In both I am setting PCR 80 of a MPC5644A to eTPU output.  


- test_eTPU_RAppID.rar is the one that works and uses the RAppID generated code.  It puts a 2 kHz PWM at 80% duty at PCR 80.

- test_eTPU_GCT.rar does not work and uses the GCT generated code.


Please help me fix the GCT code to generate PWM outputs.

Original Attachment has been moved to: test_eTPU_GCT.rar

Original Attachment has been moved to: test_eTPU_RAppID.rar