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How to calculate AMCLIB_PMSMBemfObsrvAB_A32 in C programming without the library file.

Question asked by VIGNESHKUMAR P on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by VIGNESHKUMAR P

Hi I'm using my own board of MKV10Z32VLC7(CM0 based device). Unfortunately the AMCLIB_PMSMBemfObsrvAB_F16 is not available for CM0 based devices. It's based on FOC control of PMSM motor.


We are processing with the same processor because of low cost. Now we want to calculate the back-emf sin and cos components to find omega(rotor position) and theta(speed) using AMCLIB_AngleTrackObsrv_F16 function. Is there any methods or formulas to find the back-emf sin and cos components through c-programming.


Thanks in advance.