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CLRC663 library use question

Question asked by 李 松 on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by 李 松


           Currently,I use NFC Reader Library for CLEV663B on linux  platform. I   use

"phpalI14443p3a_Sw_Init " fuction   and  "phpalI14443p3a_Sw_ActivateCard"  fuction,but it has a probelm.When both of them have been called in same funtion,the card can be active.When the two fuction are been  separated into unsame  funtion,the NFC Reader Library will point out  segmentation fault. The "phpalI14443p3a_Sw_DataParams_t" Structure is a global variable.

       Can you tell me how I can solve this probelm? I use "SW3693"  NFC Reader Library.

       Thank you very much!